Tripod is looking for volunteer trainers!

Tripod’s ‘Pool of Trainers’ is a small but growing collective of volunteer trainers who are part of grassroots movements and groups working for social and environmental justice in Scotland. The volunteers work together with members of the Tripod staff collective to support groups to organise more effectively for social change, while developing and sharing key facilitation skills. We are looking for new volunteers from marginalised backgrounds to join the Pool on an ongoing basis.

Since Autumn 2017 we have been developing a Pool of Trainers to support Tripod’s work. We currently have five volunteer trainers in the Pool who work alongside members of the Tripod staff collective to assist community groups and social change organisations by designing and facilitating meetings and trainings.

About the role

You don’t have to be an experienced facilitator or trainer to join the Pool – we believe in learning by doing and that everyone can be a facilitator. You will be supported throughout by members of the Tripod staff collective and the other trainers in the Pool. In the beginning, you’ll be co-facilitating with members of the Tripod collective but after gaining more experience, you will be invited to take on more of a lead role in facilitation and trainings where appropriate. We’re also excited to learn from the knowledge, skills, and experiences that every volunteer trainer brings to the Pool – and make space for skill-sharing within the Pool.

As a member of the Pool of Trainers, your responsibilities mainly include preparing, facilitating and debriefing workshops and meetings with a whole range of groups and participating in internal meetings. Some responsibilities, like facilitating internal meetings or skill-shares in the Pool and administrative tasks like booking venues, rotate amongst the members of the Pool.

Tripod supports volunteer trainers to pursue their own learning goals and develop personal initiatives, such as offering particular workshops under the Tripod umbrella when fitting with Tripod’s vision and mission.

Application procedure

  1. Interested applicants should fill in the application form and send it to
  2. Members of Tripod and the Pool of Trainers look at applications and invite those best matching the specifications of the volunteer role for a follow-up conversation;
  3. New volunteer trainers will be invited to the Pool on a rolling basis, as space allows.

Role Description and Person Specification

2018-04-03 Tripod Trainers Application