Tripod: Training for Creative Social Action is committed to strengthening struggles for social, economic and environmental justice. We offer training, facilitation, conflict mediation and other support to grassroots collectives, community and campaigning groups, cooperatives and non-profit organisations. Our work helps people to develop skills and work in better alignment with their visions and values. This means they can more effectively challenge multiple systems of oppression as broad-ranging as capitalism, ableism, patriarchy and racism and collaborate together to build alternatives.Our vision is of a world where communities organise for collective liberation by dismantling oppression, working together in solidarity, learning from experience and caring for one another.

Our trainers are currently active in different social change projects including migrant solidarity, prison abolition, radical health projects, developing and running autonomous spaces and climate change campaigning. This direct experience of working with others towards transformation and the time we put into developing our skills as trainers and facilitators ensures that Tripod’s work is relevant and dynamic.