We are committed to experiential education and know that learning by doing has a strong, long-lasting impact. We centre what people know best: themselves and their own experiences. We include a diverse mix of activities in our trainings, balancing heart (emotions and intuition), hands (practical experiences) and head (theory and analytical thinking). We create spaces for activists, campaigners and organisers to develop their praxis and learn from each other. Praxis is the process of applying theory to practice, drawing out lessons from that experience through reflection and evaluation, applying those lessons back to both theory and practice, so that they are continually evolving.

Non-hierarchy is central to our methodological approach. You won’t find us simply standing at the front of a workshop, telling you how to do things or what the answers are. Our job as facilitators is to design learning experiences which empower people to find solutions that will work for them in their specific contexts. We will tailor our work to the needs of your group or organisation through discussion beforehand but we also remain flexible and responsive to what is happening in the learning group and if we identify that the group needs something a bit different we might break from the plan completely and pick other exercises from our toolbox which support the group to learn more effectively. This element of responding to what is going on in each unique learning group fascinates us and helps make sure our trainings are relevant and useful.

We have a deep understanding of the joys and challenges of being involved in grassroots projects and the complexities of group dynamics. We bring a nuanced and intuitive awareness of power, rank and group dynamics to all our trainings which helps us to co-create anti-oppressive learning environments with those we train.

We are particularly motivated to support organisers to share their own skills because we know that this helps to create more resilient and better networked and resourced movements. We have run training for trainers programmes across Europe and participants have gone on to establish their own training collectives including SPINA in Poland.