Our Collective

Current Staff Members:

Lucy Mason (Co-Director)

Lucy is a co-founder, trainer and conflict mediator at Tripod. She’s been facilitating grassroots social action for 13 years, working with groups in all corners of Europe, from Scotland to Belarus. She loves supporting people to work across difference, reflect on power and oppression, navigate conflicts and take more strategic action. She has been active in ecological, anti-war and no borders movements and currently organises for health justice. In her spare time she is a person-centred pyschotherapist, with a strong interest in therapeutic work with people who have experienced trauma due to systemic oppression. She loves walking in woods or by the sea, puns and attempting to learn how to DJ.

Monette O’Hara (Co-Director)

Monette  is a trainer, facilitator and coach. She’s mainly preoccupied with coordinating Tripod’s Organising for Power Programme, strengthening the capacities of organisations and grassroots groups in their campaigns for the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and BME groups in Scotland. She has 15  years’ experience in designing and delivering innovative, experiential and rights/power-based learning courses, focusing on analysing the systems that deprive the marginalised of opportunities, effective tactics to challenge the status quo, as well as how through collective action individuals can work together to be greater than the sum of its parts. Her passion lies in exploring the intersection of one’s spirituality and social activism as she believes that social change should go hand-in-hand with personal transformation. She loves to dance and paint.

Olga Bloemen (Co-Director)

Olga recently joined Tripod as a trainer and facilitator and coordinates our Pool of Trainers. Before Tripod she’s been working with Nourish Scotland, a NGO campaigning for food justice, where she focused both on grassroots movement-building and policy change. She has a background in Social Anthropology and has been involved with different groups working for social and climate justice over the past 10 years. She’s interested in how we can support each other to act collectively and strategically in this time of spiralling social and ecological chaos, and stay resourced for the long-haul. She’s also a budding storyteller and believes that the future is built of the stories we tell ourselves and each other today. 

Our Pool of Trainers:

Léa Oval

Léa’s first experience as  a trainer was within climate justice youth groups, and since then she’s led different workshops on climate justice and intersectionality. She’s also focused on how to be a good ally, and to identify privilege and challenge power dynamics within groups. She has an interest in Theatre of the Oppressed methods and happily uses them within her workshops. Her latest focus is to develop a series of workshops connecting art practices and intersectional eco-feminism. She considers herself an artivist, as her first background was in film-making and she still loves using these creative skills with the climate and social justice organisations that she supports. She cares deeply about octopuses, mountain mythologies, and Korean pine trees.

Ellie Muniandy

Ellie has been a trainer and facilitator for a number of years. She has worked in the third sector for the last ten years in disability, mental health and domestic abuse. She is also an experienced therapist who specialises in complex trauma. Ellie has an interest in radical education and social justice. One of her particular areas is race and racism and she has developed training on this topic that has been delivered in a variety of settings. Ellie also has experience in strategic and operational development and governance for charities.  

Ben Campbell

Ben has a background in community organising and campaigning. He a strong advocate for environmental and social justice. His passion for this has taken him around the world, working on campaigns in Australia, and various countries in Europe, South America and Asia. He is currently running a charity called Urban Uprising that focuses on elevating and inspiring disadvantaged young people in the UK through rock climbing. Ben is fascinated with the power of human potential and what holds people back. He is passionate about helping people develop on their journey. He enjoys spending time outdoors and in particular camping, wild swimming, parkour, rock climbing. He also enjoys learning and playing table.

Jolly Oluka

Jolly has worked in the voluntary sector both as a volunteer and as a paid worker with a diversity of groups. Her background is community education and development and her experience of working on a climate change project has compelled her to advocate for environmental protection and climate justice. Working with grassroots communities has nurtured a passion to support those underprivileged and whose voices are normally unheard to be involved in community initiatives. She advocates for inclusion and active participation for all members of society in all aspects of their community. She loves spending time in the garden growing food and of course harvesting being the best part of that time!

Mark Hamlin

Mark joined Tripod in early 2019, he is an advanced student studying psychotherapy and facilitation with Process Work UK. Mark has trained with Cardboard Citizens in London, exploring Theatre of the Oppressed. Mark has recently run a series of workshop exploring the UK class system. He is interested in how social class and race impact groups and how bringing awareness to conflict and difficult dynamics can create strength and resilience. Mark loves being by the ocean, particularly walking over sand dunes and clambering over rocks. He is  currently learning Portuguese. 

Gavin Lashley

Gavin has been involved in environmental and social justice struggles for over 10 years, the focus of which has shifted through the years from climate activism to sustainable agriculture to a more intersectional approach embedding issues of privilege and justice within the work of creating a happier, more sustainable future. He has a degree in psychology and a counselling diploma, which have helped him to understand and work through the personal and interpersonal aspects of activism and activist culture. He joined Tripod in 2017, and is most excited about facilitating training in areas such as burnout/sustainable activism, group facilitation and decision-making, and addressing privilege, conflict, and power within grassroots activist groups. Aside from facilitation and training, Gavin is keen to work on making Tripod more safe and fulfilling for those working in it – practicing what we preach/facilitate in the co-creation of! To counterbalance his tendency to get stuck into weighty issues along the personal – global spectrum, Gavin enjoys being immersed in the natural world, gardening, dancing to reggaeton, learning languages, watching football, and going on long adventurous journeys.

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Yvonne Blake

Our Board of Trustees

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