Founded in 2008, Tripod is a collective of facilitators, trainers and organisers from a range of grassroots backgrounds, identities and experiences.

Staff Team

Lucy Mason (Co-Director)

Lucy is a co-founder, trainer, facilitator and conflict mediator at Tripod. She’s been facilitating grassroots social action for 13 years, working with groups in all corners of Europe, from Scotland to Belarus. She loves supporting people to work across difference, transform oppressive dynamics, navigate conflicts and take more strategic action. She has been active in ecological, anti-war and anti-racism movements and currently organises for health justice. In her spare time she is a person-centred pyschotherapist, working with people who experience multiple forms of marginalisation. She loves walking in woods or by the sea, jumping in lochs and geeking out about group dynamics.

Olga Bloemen (Co-Director)

Olga is an experienced trainer, facilitator and project coordinator. Before Tripod she worked with Nourish Scotland, a NGO campaigning for food justice, where she focused both on grassroots movement-building and policy change. She has a background in Social Anthropology and has been involved with different groups working for social and climate justice over the past 10 years. She’s interested in how we can support each other to act collectively and strategically in this time of spiralling social and ecological chaos, and stay resourced for the long-haul. She’s also a budding storyteller and believes that the future is built of the stories we tell ourselves and each other today.

Aoife Stephens

Aoife joined Tripod in August 2020 as a trainer, facilitator and project coordinator. They have a background in science and have been involved in feminist organising, campaigns for reproductive justice, queer liberation and climate justice. Having participated in various kinds of organising groups and contexts they’re fascinated by the ways in which we can counter wider injustice and transform our ways of working from the small scale and create effective, subversive, dynamic and fulfilling movement spaces. Likes: chocolate, lists, hot drinks of all kinds. Dislikes: the cold. Aoife can be found baking, knitting, and reading YA & sci-fi.

Monette Pacia O’Hara (Co-Director)

Monette is a trainer, coach and project coordinator focused on the Organising for Power programme. She has 15 years’ experience in designing and delivering innovative, experiential and rights/power-based learning courses, focusing on analysing the systems that deprive the marginalised of opportunities, effective tactics to challenge the status quo, and how, through collective action, individuals can work together to be greater than the sum of the parts. She has a background in international development and social work. Her passion lies in exploring the link between spirituality and social activism as she believes that social change should go hand-in-hand with personal transformation. She loves to dance, paint and get lost in the woods.

Zoe M Bouhassira

Zoe is a trainer, facilitator and project coordinator focused on Organising for Power. She brings personal and professional experience to anti-racism work, supporting those working for justice for refugees & asylum seekers. Her background is in anti-racism, hactivism, sex ed in schools, and supporting Jewish and Muslim LGBTQI+ youth. She is committed to self advocacy and centring the voices of those directly affected by an issue when fighting for social change. Zoe’s work is informed by building commitment to the fight(s) for social and racial justice alongside her attempts at better understanding the different puzzle pieces of her own identity. She is committed to bringing access, disability and neurodiversity to the table of the antiracism fight, and more antiracism to environmental justice movements. Zoe sees working within a co-op like Tripod, where she feels supported and valued, as a tiny social revolution in itself.


Lou Dear

Lou is a Trade Union Organiser working in health care and formally education. Lou has been involved in queer and anti-racist solidarity work, climate and anti-militarism activism and political campaigning.

Shan Stephens

Yvonne Blake

Yvonne is a second year Community Development student, co-founder of MORE (Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment) and a migrants rights and social justice campaigner. As a Community Historian, Yvonne leads several walking tours in Glasgow to raise awareness and educate the wider community about the statues, banks and universities in Glasgow and their connection and continued financial enrichment from the slave economy in the Caribbean.

Yvonne successfully campaigned to make sports accessible to students who are International Protection Applicants through the creation of the Asylum Seeker University of Glasgow Sports Membership Support scheme. Yvonne is passionate about experiencing life in its entirety and about serving others and her community. She enjoys nature walks, spending quality time with family and friends, cold water swimming, mountain climbing cycling and playing jungle speed which she is totally rubbish at.