TRIPOd Training for creative Social Action

We support movements for justice to align, connect and plan to win.

Our Vision

We are working for a world free of oppression, where communities organise together in solidarity, navigate differences collaboratively, learn from experience and care for one another.

Our People

Tripod is a worker-owned co-operative. Our staff team and board are made up of grassroots organisers and facilitators from a range of backgrounds and identities.​

Our Mission

We prioritise working with people taking action on the issues that directly affect them. We empower communities and movements to work in better alignment and more strategically towards their goals.​

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We are currently working remotely

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What we offer

We work with grassroots collectives, campaigning organisations, co-operatives, community groups and charities. We can help with:

Programmes and Support

Organising for Power

Our in-depth support for movements groups working to improve the rights and welfare of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and people of colour. 

Climate Justice

We support movement building on climate justice  in Scotland, making it more  strategic, inclusive and impactful.

Tailored Support

Our trainers and facilitators can design sessions in consultation with you, to meet your group’s needs as best we can.


Our Values

At Tripod we strive to put our values into practice in our working and organising processes, and support others to do the same.


What people say about us

Tripod are an incredible resource and offer brilliant guidance to groups like ours. we cannot work towards social change without a lot of learning and reflection from history, and Tripod provide opportunities to take the time to reflect and consider the wider picture of things, as opposed to always fire-fighting as we have a tendency to do.
Hannah Hughes
No Evictions Network
We are oppressed by the Home Office rules and regulations, they are designed to keep us in a state of fear and anxiety. I am a human being and I am fighting for my rights. [...] Tripod is showing me not just how to claim them, but that in claiming them with others in my community, I feel less afraid, less like a victim always on the receiving end of harsh treatment
O4P Cohort 2
I feel really hopeful about the potential for these processes in supporting groups to imagine and create the worlds and relationships we want to live in. I feel much less afraid of stepping into facilitation roles and feel a shift from avoiding conflict to welcoming it and knowing its transformative potential.
Polly Urquhart
Participant on Transforming Conflict, Navigating Power