Job Description

  • Role: Trainer, Facilitator and Project Coordinator
  • Contract type: One year, with the aim to convert this into a rolling contract as a permanent staff member (depending on a successful 8-month probationary period and Tripod’s financial position). All staff members are collectively responsible for income generation and our financial sustainability and you will be expected to contribute to this area of work.
  • Start date: 12th May 2020
    Pay: £10.00 per hour or £20,800.00 pro rata (before tax, national insurance and voluntary pension contributions)
  • Hours: 2.5-3.5 days a week (subject to negotiation and access requirements)
  • Location: Our office is in Edinburgh and you would be expected to be in the office with co-workers a minimum of 2 days per week (unless out on Tripod work). We are open to being flexible for applicants who have access needs or caring responsibilities that require alternative arrangements and we can discuss this if we decide to interview you.
  • Application deadline: Midnight, 8th March 2020
  • Interviews: For successful applicants, interviews will be held in Edinburgh on Tuesday 17th March. We can cover travel expenses if required. We will notify applicants we would like to interview by 10th March.

About Tripod

Tripod’s vision is of a world where communities organise for collective liberation by confronting the root causes of injustice, fighting to shift oppressive power relations and collaborating to build alternatives.

We want to see social movements led by marginalised and directly affected communities, and capable of enacting lasting change. We believe strong and healthy social movements prioritise personal and collective care, build relationships of intersectional solidarity and respect, and create sustainable group cultures.

Tripod aims to:

  • Support grassroots movements for social and ecological justice to take strategic, effective and sustainable action for lasting change.
  • Build the power of social movements in Scotland by embedding community organising principles and campaigning skills.
  • Nurture cultures of resistance to build intersectional solidarity, address conflict and work across difference.

What We Do

We are currently working towards these aims through several programmes: 

  • Consultation, Collaboration and Training – we offer training, facilitation, conflict mediation and strategic support to grassroots collectives, campaigning groups, co-operatives, community groups and charities. We always centre the knowledge of the groups that we are working with and use direct and experiential education methods (see This work varies enormously – from delivering a day of training about power and oppression, to supporting a group to identify their shared values and develop a strategy over several months. We work with grassroots organisations on a donation basis (often for free) and subsidise this with paid work with funded organisations.
  • ‘Organising for Power’ – we support anti-racist movements, and movements for migrants’ justice by training, coaching and supporting community organisers and campaigners. This programme prioritises the participation of organisers directly affected by racism and xenophobia and seeks to foster their leadership. We design and implement comprehensive residential trainings to empower and resource those with lived experience of racism and migration.
  • Pool of Trainers – we resource social and environmental justice movements by training and supporting organisers and campaigners to effectively share their own skills, facilitate others’ learning and help their groups collaborate more effectively. Marginalised identities are often under-represented in facilitation roles in movements and we are working to change this. Our Pool of Trainers also enables us to support more groups. The Pool currently has 9 volunteer members, coming from various backgrounds, with experience in a wide variety of grassroots social movements.
  • Climate Justice Movement Building – In 2020-21, Tripod will focus a significant proportion of our work on supporting the climate justice movement in the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow and beyond. This includes offering longer-term organisational development support to a number of key groups and movements in Scotland, with an emphasis on anti-oppressive and decolonial organising approaches. We’re also part of an activist legal support project developing resources and trainings on Scottish law for activists, campaigners and organisers. In addition to this, we’ll be working to join the dots between migrant and racial justice, anti-poverty and climate justice organising.

You can read more about our story and our values here:

How we work

We are a small, independent, non-profit workers’ co-operative (currently made up of 4 members) which facilitates ownership over work and decisions. We value collaboration and shared leadership and make decisions together using consensus. We strive to strike a balance between working autonomously and supporting each other through collective meetings. We aim for our labour to be fulfilling and sustaining as well as effective. For that reason, we are considering moving to a model where our staff receive better pay and conditions while retaining our grassroots ethos and values. A new staff member would be involved in this potential transition and would have the potential to co-create the future of Tripod with the rest of the team. We work hard because we are passionate about what we do, whilst also striving to build a healthy organisational culture.

Working in a small team requires open and honest communication. This role will involve a probationary period of 8 months. This will be an opportunity for us to review how we have been working together and decide if you and Tripod are a good fit. This will also enable us to decide together if you should become a Full Member of the workers’ cooperative which would involve being legally registered as a Director and participating fully in overall strategic and organisational decision making.

About the role

As a member of our collective, you will be focused on coordinating and evolving the Organising for Power and Climate Justice Movement Building programmes together with other Tripod staff. You will also spend some of your time supporting the Consultation, Collaboration and Training programme (alongside other Tripod staff or members of the Pool of Trainers). You will support all of Tripod’s activities and take a fair share of the operational responsibilities of running a small workers’ cooperative.

We practice skill-sharing and peer coaching within the staff team and will support you to feel confident in your work. We are open to tailoring this role to your strengths and passions, in conversation with the rest of the staff collective.

General Tripod staff responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating 2 or more of the following operational categories of work which are needed to enable Tripod’s smooth functioning – HR; communications / publicity; website development; office coordination; IT; strategic planning and development; fundraising and general administration.
  • Participating in local and international social justice networks as a representative of Tripod.
  • Training and facilitation work including:
  • Liaising with groups accessing our support to assess their needs;
  • Designing tailored workshops, trainings and meeting agendas for work with a broad range of groups and organisations in Scotland and beyond;
  • (Co-)facilitating training on a range of collaboration and campaigning skills;
  • (Co-)facilitating meetings for collectives, organisations and coallitions with diverse focus areas including strategy and visioning;
  • Supporting and co-facilitating with other staff and volunteers and participating in skillshares; 
  • Undertaking any debriefing and follow-up with groups required;
  • Developing Tripod’s tools and methodologies.

Programme coordination responsibilities include:

  • Working with Tripod staff and volunteers to ensure effective delivery of all of our programmes, identify where programmes can complement each other through collaboration and implement day to day programme activities;
  • Facilitate collaboration between Tripod, grassroots campaigning groups, organisations that can pay us for our work and other social justice trainers and facilitators;
  • Help to coordinate and implement training events, mentoring and coaching for community organisers and campaigners;
  • Take a fair share of the administration of the programmes you focus on including project budgeting and bookkeeping, reporting to funders and liaising with all involved;
  • Design and deliver documentation and evaluation processes which enable us to record and share our learning (for example on our blog);
  • Evolve and develop our programmes in line with both the needs of the movements we support and the socio-political context;
  • Contribute to funding applications for the development of our programmes and liaise with funders including compiling financial and narrative reports (with support from our Finance team).

We welcome the ideas and passions you would bring into Tripod and will encourage you to be involved in the ongoing development of this role and the organisation as a whole.

Person specification

We are looking for someone who is passionate about supporting people to organise more effectively for social, racial, ecological and climate justice. You will share Tripod’s values and be committed and proactive in your work. You will flourish working as part of a small team of people who care about each other, the work we do and how we do it. You will be able to take the work we do seriously while maintaining a sense of fun, creativity and passion. You will be self-aware and able to communicate your own limits. You will be the kind of person who enjoys being self-directed and asking for support from co-workers when needed – you’ll thrive without a boss and be enthusiastic to help shape the work that we do along with your co-workers. You will also be able to offer support to co-workers and get excited and practical about Tripod’s organisational development. You are fascinated and curious about group processes and radical education methodologies.

Ideally we are looking for someone who would be keen to join Tripod for the long-term, if the 8 month probationary period works out for all of us. We want to work with someone who will grab the opportunities presented by working in Tripod for ongoing learning, take initiative and help make the organisation as useful and relevant as possible to the social, racial and ecological justice movements that we support.

We are more interested in your experience and your approach than formal qualifications. Nobody will have all of the experiences we are looking for but we have listed several below. Don’t be put off applying if you feel that you lack some of this experience – as a collective we are interested in supporting you as a new staff member to learn and grow into this role. If you would like to discuss the role or whether to apply please email to arrange a call.

To apply for this role, we ask you to have:

  • a strong commitment to social, racial and ecological justice;
  • experience of organising within a grassroots group, social movement or campaign for structural change;
  • understanding of systemic oppression and experience of working to dismantle it
  • experience facilitating meetings in a grassroots social justice context;
  • experience facilitating adult education for social change (i.e. workshops, events and trainings) using direct education and participatory methodologies;
  • ability to prioritise and organise your own work and creatively problem-solve;
  • strong organisational skills and experience of working to tight deadlines;
  • experience in 2 or more of the following: HR; communications / publicity; website development; office coordination; IT; strategic planning and development; fundraising and general administration.

For this role it would be desirable if you have:

  • experience of project management or coordination including delivering and evaluating programmes involving multiple different people and organisations;
  • knowledge and / or experience of community organising methodologies;
  • lived experience of racism, xenophobia or migration;
  • experience working in a cooperative or flat-structured organisation or group;
  • experience of campaigning in the Scottish context;
  • experience of anti-racist and / or climate justice organising in Scotland and connections to this movement;
  • experience of communicating campaigns and reflections through traditional and social media;
  • experience of fundraising, especially grant writing;
  • familiarity with Linux computers and software.

Equal Opportunities

Tripod opposes all discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, economic status or social background, gender, sexuality, marital status, religion, age, size or disability. We value diversity and lived experience, and will actively work with you to create the working conditions you need to be part of and contribute to our team. 

The successful candidate will be selected purely on the basis of how well they fit the person specification, as judged by their application and interview. We would particularly like to encourage applications from people of colour / black or brown people and people who have lived experience of racism, xenophobia or migration who are currently under-represented in Tripod. We do not require the successful candidate to have English as a first language. Where two or more candidates are judged to be of equal merit, priority may be given to a BME or migrant candidate as these identities are currently less well represented in the Tripod staff team. Due to the UK’s racist border policies we are saddened and angered by the fact that we are unable to arrange work permits for applicants without UK residency.

If you would like to informally discuss the role or your application please email to arrange a phone call.

Terms & Conditions

Wage: £10 per hour or £20,800.00 pro rata (before tax, national insurance and voluntary pension contributions)

Hours of work: The hours of work for this post are subject to negotiation. We are prepared for this role to be between 20-28 hours per week according to your needs and interests. This could increase in future if we secure additional funding together, depending on discussions amongst the whole staff collective. Weekend and evening work is sometimes required but we can also work around your other existing commitments and caring responsibilities.

Contract: One year, with the aim to convert this into a rolling contract as a permanent staff member (depending on a successful 8-month probationary period and funding). All staff members of Tripod are collectively responsible for income generation and our financial sustainability.

Remote Working: Staff should have a minimum of 2 shared days per week in the Tripod office, as it is very important that we all participate in collective meetings and have enough in-person working time together to feel part of a team. Currently overlapping staff days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, if this is impossible for you due to access needs or caring responsibilities please let us know and we can discuss this at interview. Staff may work remotely for up to 3 weeks per year. Sufficient notice is required in order to ensure the smooth running of the collective. Staff can negotiate additional, occasional work from home days to facilitate certain tasks e.g. written tasks requiring no distractions.

Flexi Time: The nature of our work means we often need to be available evenings and weekends and that some weeks are busier than the work days allotted. Time off in lieu (TOIL) should be taken for extra time worked, ideally within one month of incurring it, in discussion with other staff members. TOIL can also be taken in advance if a busy period is foreseen. We expect all staff to keep the shared calendars and personal timesheets updated so that we can track work and TOIL.

Holiday: 5.6 weeks per year including public holidays which will be calculated pro rata. Staff can be flexible with when they take their annual leave, in discussion with other staff. There are no mandatory ‘closure’ days for the organisation but staff / the collective will discuss occasional ‘shut down’ periods for Tripod according to holiday needs, workload and office access.

Time off for illness, bereavement and emergencies: Up to 2 weeks paid depending on circumstances (can extend in exceptional financial conditions). As long as needed, by negotiation, unpaid.

Place of Work: Our office is currently located at Leith Walk, Edinburgh. We are currently looking for new accessible office space in Edinburgh which we hope to have moved in to prior to the new staff member joining us.

Start Date: We would need you to begin working on 12th May 2020.

How to Apply

Please send us your CV, including two referees, and a cover letter telling us why you would like to be part of Tripod and what you would bring to this role – more details below.

In your CV we want to know about relevant education, training and volunteering experience. We also ask for details of any relevant work you have done previously including a brief explanation of your role and responsibilities. We recognise that work takes many forms, that paid employment is not always accessible to everyone and that much work is unpaid! So please tell us about any relevant voluntary or paid work that you have done and what you learned from it. We use this information to get a sense of the multiple contexts in which you have developed your skills. We will not be judging your application on the consistency of your employment history.

In your cover letter we want to see how the experiences you have had have shaped you and your ability to take on this role. If it would help you to structure your cover letter using the following questions please do! When answering these questions please keep in mind that we are most interested in knowing about how your previous experiences have shaped you, how you have overcome challenges in other work contexts and what skills and resources you have developed during your journey so far.

1) What experience do you have of organising in a grassroots group, social movement or campaign for structural change? How have you implemented your commitment to social, racial and ecological justice? (You might share something here about your experience building relationships and networks of trust and solidarity across diverse groups, as well as your experience of working for social justice with an awareness of intersecting oppressions).

2) Why are you passionate about working with Tripod and in this role in particular? Why are you the right person to do it? (You might refer to the About Tripod and How We Work section as well as the person specification, and share some examples from your past experience that show that you are the right person for this role and share Tripod’s values).

3) What experience do you have of programme coordination and how do you think your experience is relevant for this role? (You might give us some examples which demonstrate your organisational and problem solving skills as well as capacity to work to tight deadlines).

4) What experience do you have of delivering training and facilitation and how do you think your experience is relevant for this role? (You might share examples that demonstrate your experience of running workshops, events and trainings for social change and/or your experience facilitating meetings in different contexts.)

5) What experience do you have of operational tasks and how could you best contribute to the ongoing work required to keep Tripod functioning smoothly? (You might want to tell us about experience you have with any of the following: HR; communications / publicity; website development; office coordination; IT; strategic planning and development; fundraising and general administration – and what would excite you about taking this work on within Tripod).

6) What aspects of the work might you struggle with or need additional training in? (We want to know that you are able to reflect on your capacities and identify what support you would need – we don’t expect anyone to meet all of the specifications completely and it is most important to us that you are able to identify your own strengths and what you would find challenging).

7) What do you do for fun and nourishment and what sustains you? (We want to get a sense of your personality here and what is most important to you in life).

CVs and cover letters should be sent to The closing date for applications is midnight 8th March. Interviews will take place in Edinburgh on the 17th March. The start date for the new member of staff will be 12th May. If you are short-listed for an interview we will notify you by email or telephone by the 10th March.