Organising for Power aims to strengthen movements against racism and xenophobia and for migrants’ rights in Scotland. In our work with this movement so far we have seen that there are many challenges and so many crises to respond to. Sometimes it can feel like fire-fighting rather than organising and campaigning for systemic change. There is often a high turnover of people involved which can mean that knowledge and experiences aren’t shared within groups. Then there are, of course, all the precarious circumstances (e.g. housing, immigration status etc) which people have to deal with daily which can limit the time they have available to organise.

Through the programme we want to support groups to work through some of these challenges, to share what works well and to learn together. We would want to support organizations like you to develop your skills as organisers, to support your groups to grow, to increase participation and share responsibilities. Through this programme we hope we would be able to support you to strategize and plan campaigns which have an impact, shift power relations and dismantle oppressive systems. This will be done through in-person and online coaching in essential campaign organising skills, mentoring with experienced campaigners, peer-to-peer learning and consistent and sustained follow-up. We also envision to create a community of practice among organizers working in this particular area where you will be able to share experiences and skills and potentially collaborate with one another in future endeavors.

This programme will be free to participate in but with a limited number of spaces.