SYCS has had issues with hierarchy and balancing work loads among our group. We also just struggled with basic skills that are central to organising a climate activism group (generally due to our age), including among other things, facilitating meetings, writing agendas, managing money, handling burnout and work loads, making decisions as a group etc. It feels like we aren’t blindly organising now. At the start everything was incredibly hectic and stressful as we organised one strike after the other. Tripod and Young Friends of the Earth have helped us slow down and take stock, allowing us to sustain the group through this difficult time. We now have a healthier atmosphere within SYCS, increasing our ability to reflect on projects and the way we work. Starting conversations about our group values, demands and goals means we are in a stronger position to keep working.

― Sandy Boyd (16), organiser with the Scottish Youth Climate Strike (SYCS), Nov 2020