Our trainings can help you to:

* Create more effective and powerful campaigns

* Support your group to be more participatory, effective and sustainable.

We regularly train groups in:

Facilitation – This often falls to more confident and experienced group members. Our trainings emphasise facilitation as a role and an attitude that can be shared between group members. We also explore practical tools and methods which can increase your capacity and confidence to support your group to have more effective and inclusive meetings.

Online Facilitation – We offer training in how to facilitating engaging online meetings and trainings, including participatory facilitation tools and techniques, accessibility and inclusivity, and how to use Zoom and other online meeting technology. 

Power and Oppression – This workshop we will develop shared language and a deeper analysis of how systemic oppression operates so that we can better understand how to transform ourselves and our organizations, workplaces, and communities. Intersectionality, we all simultaneously benefit and suffer from systems of oppression and understanding how anyone, regardless of sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, ability, orientation, religion, status, income, or other characteristic,

Consensus Decision Making – Whether you are new to non-hierarchical organising or familiar with the challenges and benefits of consensus, we can train you to develop and deepen the skills and attitudes you need to make effective and empowering decisions. We look at more than just the practical process: we explore the values that underpin consensus and how we can ensure these are upheld through all parts of the process.

Working With Conflict – We see conflict as an inevitable part of working in groups. When explored and worked with it can be a catalyst for personal and collective growth. This training offers you an opportunity to understand why conflict happens, consider your own responses to conflict and nurture skills like deep listening and empathy which will help you to work through conflict in your relationships and groups.

Strategic Campaigning – What is the difference between tactics and strategy? How can we ensure our campaigns are well planned, strategic and adaptable so that we can make the most of changing circumstances? How can we include people who don’t consider themselves strategic thinkers in our campaign planning? This training provides a space to consider these questions and more, as well as the chance to practice skills and methods to plan effective campaigns. As well as this training we can facilitate your strategy and visioning sessions.

Sustainable Activism – Struggling for social, economic and environmental justice can take its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing and that of our communities. This training explores how we can sustain our visions for social change, nurture ourselves and our communities, minimise burnout and put wellness at the centre of what we do so that we can stay active for the long haul. We will explore tools and strategies to develop cultures of care and support that can help your group thrive.

Working with the Media (for grassroots organisers) – Learn to make the most of interactions with the media. From developing your confidence in interview techniques to creating a media strategy for your campaign, this training should leave you feeling confident engaging with both the mainstream and DIY media.

Training for Trainers – We know that participatory training and facilitation works and that people involved in social, economic and ecological change work have many skills to share with each other. Our training for trainers course will give you a chance to experience our methodology while deepening your own facilitation skills. By developing skills and practicing in a supportive environment you will increase your confidence in designing and delivering trainings, explore group dynamics and consider strategies for maximising learning for everybody in a learning group.

Together with members of our  Pool of Trainers  we can also deliver  training in: 

  • Community Organising 
  • Direct Action 
  • Critical Disability – Making our Organising more Accessible
  • Exploring Class
  • Anti-racism
  • Gender
  • Climate Justice & How to be Better Allies
  • Using Embodiment and the Arts in Environmental Activism

This list is not exhaustive! Please contact us  if you would like us to design a different training tailored to your needs.