We work with grassroots collectives, campaigning organisations, co-operatives, community groups and charities. We can support you with:

  • Training
    Get the skills you need through our open public workshops or training tailored to your group’s specific needs. Our trainers are skilled to deliver a wide range of topics including: meeting and workshop facilitation (both in person and online); community organising; strategic campaigning; sustainable social justice organising; decision-making; accessibility; anti-oppression; anti-racism; and dealing with conflict.
  • Systems Building
    Review and develop the organisational systems, structures and processes that can support your group to meet its purpose in alignment with your values and capacity. 
  • External facilitation
    Let us take care of the process and support you to make more strategic and sustainable decisions, hone your vision and values, or develop winning campaign strategies. 
  • Long Term Consultation
    Whether you want to develop a peer-to-peer learning programme, review how your organisation’s values are embedded in practice or transform your group’s culture, we can support and coach you to realise your ideas.

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We are currently offering our training and support online, for as long as required to look after each other and those we work with.