We can support organisations working for social, economic and environmental justice to design your own engaging and participatory trainings. In consultation with us you can make sure that you identify your learners’ needs, design the session to engage a diverse range of learning styles and give participants and opportunity to learn at a transformational level.

We recently worked as training design consultants with Nourish who are work building a movement for a fair and sustainable food system in Scotland. We supported staff to design the Turning the Tables: Groundwork for Food Democracy programme which included 2 residential trainings for food sovereignty campaigners.

 Here’s what Bella Crowe, Scottish Food Coalition Coordinator at Nourish, had to say:

 We received invaluable support from the Tripod. Myself and a colleague participated in their ‘Running Great Workshops’ training, which provided the platform of skills and ideas necessary for creating our own training programme – Turning the Tables: Groundwork for Food Democracy. Nourish worked with Tripod on a consultancy basis while designing this programme, receiving excellent feedback and insightful contributions that helped form an extremely successful programme. Our experience working with Tripod has been wholly positive; through participating in their workshops, we experienced an effective and empowering approach to education and movement building, which we were inspired to emulate. Tripod offer a crucial resource to all those working for social and environmental justice in Scotland.