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Tripod is looking for volunteer trainers!

Support for people from marginalised identities to train and facilitate with Tripod

Would you like to volunteer with Tripod and develop valuable skills and experience in facilitation?

Tripod wants to build the power, skills and knowledge of community members and organisers from marginalised identities through ongoing support and participation in our Pool of Trainers.

Tripod’s ‘Pool of Trainers’ is a small but growing group of volunteer trainers, facilitators and educators who are part of grassroots groups and organisations working for social and environmental justice in Scotland. The volunteers work with members of the Tripod staff team to support groups to organise more effectively for social change, while developing and sharing their own facilitation and training skills.

Marginalised identities are often under-represented in facilitation and training roles. We believe this needs to change if our movements are to be effective and successful. Therefore, this volunteer opportunity is only currently open to people from marginalised identities.

We are looking for four new volunteers to join by the winter of 2018.

What is a facilitator? What is a trainer?

Facilitation is the act of making something easier. A facilitator works with a group of people to help them have a conversation, come to agreement, or plan for the future. The facilitator plans and creates a process which they guide the group through, providing them the opportunity to focus on and control the content of the discussion.

A trainer supports people to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of a particular topic, as well as helping them to discover the skills and capacities they already have. Trainers normally have experience in the issue or topic they are training on.

What do we mean by marginalised identity?

Marginalisation is the process of pushing a particular group or groups of people to the edges of society by not allowing them an active voice, identity or place in it. Some individuals identify with multiple marginalised groups and may experience further marginalisation as a result of their intersecting identities.

This intake of the Pool of Trainers is open to people who self-identify as Black, Asian or minority ethnic; refugees and asylum seekers; disabled; having a mental health condition; LGBTQIA+; and poor or working class. We also prioritise leadership development of young people and communities who are and have been most directly affected by oppression and colonisation.

About the role

You don’t have to be an experienced facilitator or trainer to join. We believe in the power of learning-by-doing and think that everyone can become a facilitator. You will be supported throughout by members of the Tripod staff team and the other trainers in the Pool of Trainers.

This volunteer role offers:

A fully funded place on our 2-day ‘Running Great Workshops’ training

Regular skillshares on topics related to training, facilitation and social justice

Opportunities to co-facilitate and co-train with Tripod staff and other trainers in the Pool

Regular check-ins and feedback from Tripod staff

Opportunities to develop and host your own workshops

Reimbursement of travel, childcare and other expenses

Application procedure

1. Fill in the application form and send it to If you would prefer to apply by phone or in person instead, please get in touch to arrange this.

2. Members of Tripod and the Pool of Trainers look at the applications and invite those best matching the specifications of the volunteer role for a follow-up conversation to make sure it’s a good fit;

3. Tripod invites new volunteers to join the Pool of Trainers

Full role description

Application Form