Tripod supports groups fighting for social, economic and environmental justice.

We work with grassroots collectives, campaigning groups, co-operatives, community groups and charities to help them become more effective and sustainable. We offer training, meeting facilitation and conflict mediation to support groups to work in better alignment with their visions and values. Our creative, participatory work is tailored to your group’s needs and ambitions so that you can build on your strengths, learn new skills and feel confident and ready for action.

I learned a lot from just being in such a well run training, never mind what we were talking about!

Facilitating Meetings Training, The SHRUB Swap and Re-Use Hub, Edinburgh

Tripod’s training gave me and my group the opportunity to develop much needed skills for grassroots organizing. I think it is their commitment and genuine passion for the work they do which allows them to create authentic connections with participants and assess groups’ needs really well. I’ve never liked to sit through long workshops but with Tripod it was fun and a creative challenge and I started to value participatory learning much more. Their passion combined with their knowledge and skills has been invaluable in building our confidence to facilitate skillshares ourselves, creating a domino effect and a stronger grassroots movement.

Training for Trainers, Dublin