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How we work

Our approach, financial model and funding

Our work focuses on creating space for personal, collective and systemic transformation. We are committed to experiential education and know that learning by doing has a strong, long-lasting impact. We centre what people know best  —  themselves and their own experiences. We integrate intuition and emotions with practical experience, theory and analytical thinking so that campaigners and organisers can learn from their experiences and each other.

Non-hierarchy is central to our methodology. You won’t find us simply standing at the front of a workshop, telling you how to do things or what the answers are. Our job as facilitators is to design learning experiences which empower, transform and seed new ways of doing and relating. We tailor our work to the needs of your group or organisation and remain flexible and responsive to needs that emerge in the moment. Responding to what is going on in each unique learning group fascinates us and helps ensure that our work is relevant and dynamic.

We have a wealth of experience with the joys and challenges of grassroots movement building and the complexities of group dynamics. We bring a nuanced and intuitive awareness of power, rank and group dynamics to all our work, which helps us co-create anti-oppressive learning environments with organisers.

Founded in 2008, Tripod is a collective of facilitators, trainers and organisers with a range of organising backgrounds, identities and experiences.

At Tripod we strive to put our values into practice and support others to do the same.

We're a co-op!

We are an intentionally small, independent workers’ co-operative, which enables us to have autonomy and ownership over our work and decisions and remain agile and responsive to the needs of social movements.

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Tripod acknowledges that different groups have different access to resources of all kinds, whilst valuing our work and experience, and paying our trainers and cooperative members a living wage. Some of our work is funded by groups that have access to social and financial capital and can afford to pay us. These funds subsidise the work we do with grassroots groups for free and by donation. Our day rate operates on a sliding scale, based on an organisation’s income. Read more detail about it by clicking the button below.


We are grateful to our current funders. Their contributions help  us  keep our work accessible to grassroots groups with fewer resources, and pay for the operational costs of our movement-specific programmes on migrant and climate justice.

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Support our work!

Donations from those of you with social and financial capital help us to fund vital work with grassroots groups that don’t have access to funding.