Application Call-out for Organising for Power!

  APPLY NOW!!! Join the Organising for Power Programme and you get not just high quality training but months of continued support with your campaigns for racial justice! Are you an organiser or campaigner tackling the root causes of xenophobia and racism and promoting the rights of migrants/refugees/ asylum seeking people in Scotland? Does it sometimes … Continue reading Application Call-out for Organising for Power!

Tripod is looking for volunteer trainers!

Tripod’s ‘Pool of Trainers’ is a small but growing collective of volunteer trainers who are part of grassroots movements and groups working for social and environmental justice in Scotland. The volunteers work together with members of the Tripod staff collective to support groups to organise more effectively for social change, while developing and sharing key … Continue reading Tripod is looking for volunteer trainers!

Introducing “Organising for Power”

Today, the fight for racial justice has never been more crucial - with the anti-immigrant rhetoric prevalently spreading around the world, the UK government's policy to create a hostile environment for immigrants, the proposed repeal of the Human Rights Act, the strengthening of Fortress Europe and the rising right-wing nationalism, Trump's dangerous Islamophobic policies and … Continue reading Introducing “Organising for Power”