What we do

Who We Work With

We work with grassroots collectives, campaigning organisations, co-operatives, community groups and charities.

We work principally in Scotland, supporting multiple grassroots campaigns and movements, from organising to end migrant detention and the use of fossil fuels to initiatives for affordable housing and food justice. Collaboration is central to all our work and we have several close partnerships with organisers, campaigners, facilitators and trainers across the UK and Europe.

Over the last
three years
we have worked with

150 groups, campaigns & movements

over 1600 organisers campaigners



We also collaborate and partner with other organisations including Navigate, Seeds for Change, Friends of the Earth Scotland, European Youth for Action (EYFA) and Ulex

We are active in the Grassroots Trainers Network, the Just & Green Recovery Campaign, the COP26 Coalition and members of NEON.

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