Sources of inspiration, stories of power and points of contact to support your organising

Movement Infrastructure

Movement infrastructure is the support and resources available to those organising for change: mutual aid networks, training organisations, alliances, funding and movement knowledge. At Tripod we don’t have the answer for every question or challenge, but there’s a good chance we’re connected to the skills, resources or information you’re looking for.

UK facilitation collectives

Oxford & surrounds

Navigate is a team of experienced facilitators and trainers. We facilitate meetings, run workshops and mediate conflicts for groups and organisations working towards social and environmental justice across the UK. 

London, Wales

We are a collective of friends; activists; artists; and radical educators developing and running participatory workshops, courses and spaces for discussion.


held is a partnership of consultants, educators, and practitioners building a world liberated from oppressive systems, dynamics, and relationships.


Seeds for Change offer training, meeting facilitation and online resources on collective organising and consensus decision making, developing your strategy, campaign and action skills, setting up groups, running co-ops, and training for trainers.


Cradle is a collective of facilitators, organisers, scholars and artists finding ways to make space for curiosity, compassion and creativity.


We are members of:

UK-wide, Community organising for climate justice

scottish, youth working for social and climate justice

Uk, Narrative and framing for civil society

UK. support for social movements

UK, radical, anti-oppressive approaches to HR & operations.

US, training and capacity building for activists and organizers

Dutch, training collective

co-operative developing theory, analysis, and practice around class

Other training & supports

Scottish Movement Support

Specialised skills & resources


a selection of our most-used resources

If you’re looking for something specific, or have a resource we should know about, please get in touch!

Guides to help you be more effective and genuinely inclusive in your campaign or project

Facilitators interview social movement organisers about their work and how they do it, along with a good chunk of geeking out about different tools in our training toolbox.

A self-paced online course about creating the organisational systems your group needs to thrive and work towards its purpose.

Includes 1000+ educational resources in a range of formats. Topics include campaign strategy, community organising, working effectively in groups, justice and diversity, creative activism, and much more.

Tripod's topic-specific resource lists

Reading and resources we have collated to accompany anti-oppression trainings, system building and more. Each list is working document, with many links to external resources in various formats.

Direct Action

Reading and resources to help you plan your direct action campaign

For more on Tripod, including the lenses, frameworks and methodologies we bring to our work, see our Theory of Change page.

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Donations from those of you with social and financial capital help us to fund vital work with grassroots groups that don’t have access to funding.