Who We Are

Sliding Scale

Our approach to fees, financial capital and redistribution

£0 -

For unfunded organisations, grassroots groups and those with very limited access to funding, we offer free or subsidised, below-cost rates, on a case-by-case basis.

All rates are per trainer, per day.

£250 -

For organisations with an annual turnover between £100,000 and £300,000.

This rate means that we can fully cover the costs of delivering training that is tailored to your group’s needs.

£500 -


For non-profit organisations with an annual turnover above £300,000.

This rate means that Tripod has flexible income to respond to requests for support from grassroots movements and initiate and develop new strategic programme work.


All rates are per trainer per day and do not include travel, accommodation or other expenses.

Tripod acknowledges that groups and organisations we work with have different access to resources of all kinds. In a deliberate effort to redistribute resources within movements, we have developed a fee scale which applies to all the NGOs, unions, cooperatives and grassroots community organisations we work with.

We value our work and experience, and pay our freelancers at a fair rate and staff members of the cooperative a living wage of £13.13 per hour. Some of our work is funded by groups that have access to money and can afford to pay us. These funds subsidise the work we do with grassroots groups for free and by donation.

If you contract Tripod for a tailored training or external facilitation, we quote in advance based on an estimate of time needed for the requested work, and bill according to the total hours taken for liaison, design & planning, delivery and debriefing.

As a guide, bespoke training requires at least as much preparation and design time as delivery: e.g if we do a 1-day training, it requires minimum 1 day of design, sometimes more.

All our quotes are generated to include all liaison, design and preparation time as well as debriefing and follow-up communications with participants.


We have a cancellation policy in place to protect our freelance trainers from loss of income

Cancellation 48 hours before the training will be charged at the full amount.
Cancellation 2-14 days in advance will be charged at 50% of the full amount.
Cancellation 14+ days in advance.
Any work already carried out as liaison & prep/design will be billed for.

Rescheduling 2-14 days in advance will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on our ability to reschedule.
Rescheduling 14+ days in advance will be free of charge.
If Tripod has to cancel:
Tripod endeavours not to cancel the arrangement, however we do reserve the right to cancel in unexpected circumstances.
You will not be charged in this instance and a new date will be rearranged where possible.

Tripod is a not-for-profit workers’ co-operative. We make decisions based on strategic and effective support for movements, in line with our values. Our contracted income generating work means we have unrestricted funds & autonomy over our finances.

The majority of our outgoings are for staff and trainer time, spent directly on working with groups and movements of our choice.

A pie chart showing Tripod's expenditure for the financial year 2021-22. the largest slice is staff costs, 57.3%. Collaborator fees 22.5%, Staff training 7.5%, overheads 5.7%, programme costs 3.9%, seed funding 3.1%.
Expenditure for financial year 2021-22

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We are currently taking some time off from delivering training & support in order to focus on some important internal changes and growth.

We will not be taking any new requests until summer 2023

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Donations from those of you with social and financial capital help us to fund vital work with grassroots groups that don’t have access to funding.