Training for creative social action!

Participatory workshops, and long-term support, tailored to your group’s needs and ambitions. Get creative, build on your strengths, learn new skills, and come away confident and ready for action.

We are a small workers’ cooperative, based in central Scotland. We support grassroots campaigners, cooperatives, community groups and NGOs, fighting for social and environmental justice.

We can help you to:

Take Direct Action. Planning, organising and taking effective action.

Organise effectively. Building strong and healthy groups, consensus decision-making and facilitation skills.

Learn campaign skills. Campaign planning and strategy, good publicity, using the media and public speaking.

Pass your skills on. Training for trainers – design and facilitate exciting, participatory workshops.

Our workshops are free for grassroots groups.

If your group’s budget is minimal, don’t worry! Our workshops are free where possible. We would usually ask you to cover our travel expenses, and donations are always welcome – they enable us to give more workshops. For NGOs and groups with training budgets, we have a sliding scale.