What we do


Long-term support for stategic groups and movements

Anti-racism & migrant justice

Organising for Power

Created for groups fighting for the rights and welfare of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and people of colour, this programme strengthens grassroots organising for racial justice in Scotland. 

In-depth training is followed-up with  consistent and sustained support to equip groups with the necessary skills and tools to effectively organise, strengthen and communicate their campaigns, build strong coalitions and challenge racism. 

We tailor our training, facilitation sessions and support strategies to each group’s specific needs, challenges, and unique context. 

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Climate Justice Movement Building

This programme supports the climate justice movement in Scotland, making it more  strategic and inclusive. We work closely with key climate justice organisations to help them increase both their longer-term organisational sustainability and political impact. We also create spaces for groups and organisations across the movement to build alliances and strategise together. 

sharing skills & Tools

Tailored Training & Support

We support various grassroots groups across the climate justice movement in Scotland, such as Climate Camp Scotland, an autonomous, volunteer-run group organising nationally against fossil fuels and for climate justice in Scotland. We will be offering training at the climate camp in Aberdeen this Summer.  Also, we’ve been supporting Fridays for Future Scotland to build the organisational structures and strategy they need for the long-haul.


A hazy photo of a large crowd of protesters at a rally organised by climate strikers.
Building Collective power

The Movement Strategy Project

We’re collaborating with Navigate to develop and deliver a highly innovative programme (including workshops, longer residential trainings and coaching) to support groups and movements working for justice across the UK to build power for change. Alongside generating deeper understanding about the need for collective power, the programme will provide really practical tools and approaches to do movement building work effectively.

Cross-movement spaces

Movement Assemblies

In partnership with Tipping Point UK, Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment (MORE), Friends of the Earth Scotland (FoES) and Young FoES, Tripod have  been  organising a series of ‘movement assemblies’ to enable alliance-building, mutual support, training and collective strategising among groups and movements working towards climate justice and connected struggles in Scotland. You can find the event report of the May assembly below, and we have another one in the pipeline in November 2022, one year after COP26 in Glasgow.

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Hear from groups and organisers we work with about their experiences and what our support can do.

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Read about our tailored support and what we can do to help your group work better to meet its purpose.

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