What we do


Organising for Power

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Our long-term support helps groups strategise, plan and implement campaigns that have an impact, shift power relations, and dismantle oppressive systems. We also create spaces for groups to build stronger networks, building collaboration around shared struggles.

Anti-racism & migrant justice

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Created for groups working to improve  the rights and welfare of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and people of colour, this programme strengthens grassroots organising  for racial justice in Scotland. This in-depth training is followed-up with  consistent and sustained support to equip groups with the necessary skills and tools to effectively organise, strengthen and communicate their campaigns, build strong coalitions and challenge racism. We tailor our training and facilitation sessions and support strategies to each group’s  specific needs, challenges, and unique context. 

Climate Justice Movement Building

This programme supports the climate justice movement in Scotland, making it more  strategic and inclusive. We work closely with key climate justice organisations to help them increase both their longer-term organisational sustainability and political impact. We also create spaces for groups and organisations across the movement to build alliances and strategise together. 

Building Power

The Just & Green Recovery Campaign

In collaboration with Friends of the Earth Scotland, we offer an intensive year-long training and support programme for local organisers across Scotland working towards a pandemic recovery plan that puts social justice first. Through the Building Power programme we are training 30 community organisers and campaigners and creating vital space for cross-movement alliance-building, linking into the wider Just & Green Recovery Campaign.

Youth Climate Strikes

Fridays for Future Scotland

After their hugely successful first year of strikes and mobilisations, we’ve been working with Fridays for Future Scotland to build the organisational structures and strategy they need for the long-haul. We are working in collaboration with Young Friends of the Earth Scotland. 

Legal Infrastructure

Scottish Community & Activist Legal Project

We are developing resources and training on Scottish law alongside activists and organisers from a wide array of grassroots movements . By distributing ‘Know Your Rights’ information and building legal support infrastructure across Scotland, we are making more strategic and effective action possible. Read SCALP’s Guide to Activism, Scottish Law and the Police.

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Our approach

We integrate our core values in all our programmes: we use facilitation and training to support self-determination, solidarity and collaboration, while embedding the values of collective liberation and collective care, to strengthen and support movements for social and ecological justice.

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