Organising for Power​

What’s happening in 2024?

We’re hosting a programme of Glasgow gatherings to connect organisers across groups and movements, share learning and grow together!

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Join us in Glasgow this year for a series of four events with delicious free food, time to connect, creative workshops, and much more:

For those in the migrant & racial justice movments​

Sharing lessons from the past years, an opportunity to learn from the wins and challenges and reflect on where the movement can go next.

We Need All of Us
Building bridges between struggles

How movement-building across different approaches, campaigns and experiences can help us win.

We Keep Us Safe
Visions of an alternative world

From the hostile environment to a radical welcome;
imagining beyond the state, borders and criminalisation.

These Are Our Neighbours
2 days of skills, strategy & stories

Campaigns that unite, not divide us in times of crisis;
how we reclaim ground from the right and build collective power for a liveable future.


If you take part in all four gatherings, plus a reflective activity at the end,  you can receive a certificate of completion, listing the skills you’ll have developed –  from campaign strategy to communication skills.

Collaboration Grants

As part of the programme, we’re excited to support groups with funds to organise a collaborative activity in the summer.

More about Organising for Power

Born in 2017 Organising for Power is our work with movements for racial and migrant justice.

The programme was created for groups fighting for the rights and welfare of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and people of colour, this programme strengthens grassroots organising for racial justice in Scotland. 

Programme Presentation

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Organising for Power: 2022-2023 Evaluation Report

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Zine: Learning from
Organising for Power

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cover image of the zine titled Organising for Power Challenging racism and organising for rights: Stories of change 2022-2023

Zine: Stories of Change 
2022- 2023

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Hear from groups and organisers we work with about their experiences and what our support can do.

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Read about our tailored support and what we can do to help your group work better to meet its purpose.

Get an idea of who we work with: grassroots groups, NGOs, co-ops and coalition groups across Scotland and further afield.