We work with grassroots collectives, campaigning groups, co-operatives, community groups and charities. We can support you with:

  • Training
    Get the skills you need through our open public workshops or sessions tailored to your group’s specific needs. Areas we offer training in include meeting facilitation (both in person and online); strategic campaigning; sustainable activism; decision-making; accessibility; anti-oppression, anti-racism and dealing with conflict.
  • Systems Building
    Review and develop the organisational systems, structures and processes that support your group to meet its purpose in alignment with your values and capacity. 
  • External facilitation
    Let us take care of the process and support you to make more strategic and sustainable decisions, hone your visions and values or develop winning campaign strategies. 
  • Mediation
    Conflict is an inevitable part of working in relationship with others and often involves strong emotions. We can support your group to engage with conflict, and create the possibility for growth and change. Navigating through conflict can lead to better relationships, more inclusive and creative decision making and more anti-oppressive spaces.
  • Training for Trainers
    We provide hands-on training in running participatory workshops and training. We can support you to develop your confidence as a facilitator, respond to a group’s needs and develop  an engaging and anti-oppressive practice. 
  • Consultation
    We can help you design your own participatory trainings. In consultation with us you will identify your learners’ needs, design the session to engage a diverse range of learning styles and give participants an opportunity to learn at a transformational level.

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A note on capacity: We always have more requests than we would like to be able to meet. We will do our best to see if we have people power to support you. If we’re not a good match, or can’t fit your request in, we’ll aim to connect you with other resources and people in our networks that can.

We currently offer our training and support online, for as long as required to look after each other and those we work with.

Our Financial Model

Tripod’s financial model strives to acknowledge the different access that groups have to resources of all kinds, whilst valuing our work and experience, and paying a living wage to our cooperative members. We rely on funding (¾ of our income) and paid work with groups with access to social and financial capital  (¼ of our income) to subsidise the work we do with grassroots groups for free and by donation. Our day rate operates on a sliding scale, based on an organisation’s turnover.

We are grateful to our current funders who enable us to keep our work accessible to grassroots groups with fewer resources, and run our movement-specific programmes on migrant and climate justice:

Tides Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust 

Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation 

Solberga Foundation