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Organising for Power – Open Day

You are invited to our Open Day

to help shape our new programme – Organising for Power!

at The Space, 257 London Road, Glasgow

Saturday, 10th February 2018, 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Please come if you would


  • want to tackle the root causes of xenophobia and racism and promote the rights of refugees and other migrants
  • like to learn how to organise your community and do campaigning for system-ic change
  • like to learn how to have a bigger impact and plan campaigns that win and make them more accessible and sustainable
Because we would love to hear from you and get your input on how our new programme – Organising for Power – can be most useful for you. “Organising for Power” is a comprehensive programme which aims to strengthen movements against racism and xenophobia and for migrants’ rights in Scotland. Through this programme we want to support you and your groups to work through some of these challenges, to share what works well and to learn together. We would want to support organizations like you to develop your skills as organisers, to support your groups to grow, to increase participation and share responsibilities. Through this programme we hope we would be able to support you to strategise and plan campaigns which have an impact, shift power relations and dismantle oppressive systems.

This will be done through high quality training, in-person and online coaching in essential campaign organising skills, mentoring with experienced campaigners, peer-to-peer learning and consistent and sustained follow-up. We also envision to create a community of practice among organizers working in this particular area where you will be able to share experiences and skills and potentially collaborate with one another in future endeavours. This programme is free to participate in but with limited number of spaces.

But before we can get any further, we would love to hear your ideas on how this programme could be of more relevance to your context. Your feedback would help us shape this programme in a way that it would be able to address your pressing challenges as organisers more effectively.
Slots are limited so please register your participation here before 22 January 2018. For any questions please get in touch with us at