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Call-out for Volunteer Mentors!

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Application Deadline: Sunday 21st August

Hey friends from the grassroots social justice movements scene! 

We, in Tripod’s Organising for Power programme, are looking for experienced organisers and campaigners who would like to volunteer their time to mentor a group of participants in our Organising for Power Programme.

If you: 

  • are a good listener 
  • are keen to support folks in the migrants and racial justice movements 
  • have some experience/knowledge of one or more of the areas below 
  • can spare a minimum of 10 hours of your time across a 6 month period 

Then we need you! Apply now to be a mentor with us!

Tripod and Organising for Power Programme

Tripod: Training for Creative Social Action 

Tripod is a not-for-profit workers’ cooperative registered as a company limited by guarantee. We support grassroots campaigns, cooperatives, community groups and charities with training,  planning, organising, facilitation and conflict mediation. We are committed to strengthening struggles for social, economic and environmental justice. Our work builds the skills needed to effectively tackle the root causes of injustice and helps groups to collaborate, promote equality and work in better alignment with their visions and values. 

Organising for Power Programme

Tripod’s Organising for Power programme aims to support  grassroots groups fighting for the rights and welfare of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and people of colour. This programme strengthens grassroots organising for racial and migrant justice in Scotland.

Through in-depth training and consistent and sustained support groups are  equipped with the necessary skills and tools to effectively organise, strengthen and communicate their campaigns, challenge racism and build  strong coalitions and movements. 

We tailor our training, facilitation sessions and support strategies to each group’s specific needs, challenges, and unique context.

Your Role as a Mentor

As a mentor you will be matched with groups who are part of the programme based on how your experience and knowledge overlap with groups’ needs.

The role involves:

  • providing mentee(s) with one-to-one support in the area(s) of your expertise by sharing your own experiences and offering advice;
  • supporting the mentee(s) to develop objectives and implement action plans,  with regular review of progress and impact. 
  • You would also help them to make necessary upgrades to their plans;
  • having at least 4 regular meetings between August 2022 and Feb 2023, roughly every 6 weeks. This can be done over the phone, online or face-to-face. Each meeting may last up to an hour and a half; 
  • supporting mentee(s) to make necessary tough decisions especially when they go through some rough patches during the course of the partnership;
  • signposting them to other contacts, organisations and resources as needed.

Time Commitment

Mentoring partnerships will  last for 6 months (between Sep 2022 and Feb 2023), although you may find you need less/more time to meet your objectives. We recommend mentors to meet mentees (or group) 4 times through the course of the partnership, that is roughly one meeting every 6 weeks.

Therefore, over the course of the programme we ask you to commit to a minimum of ten hours through the 6 month period.

We would also like to keep your details as a potential mentor in our database for future partnerships and we will contact you to check your availability to mentor. 

What difference will you make?

Throughout the programme groups work on identifying the challenges they face and the support they need. As a mentor you will be instrumental in supporting the groups to solve these challenges and work towards tackling the root causes of xenophobia and racism. 

You will also support the participants to apply the lessons they have learned during training sessions and  to strengthen their skills as organisers and campaigners.

By accompanying them in this journey you will support participants to build their confidence, hone their skills and develop into effective organisers in this growing movement. 

We believe in participatory learning and we hope that through being part of the Organising for Power programme, both participants and mentors will gain specific knowledge, expertise and expand their networks. This programme aims to be a space where folks working for racial and migrant justice can contribute, connect, and share valuable information to strengthen and empower all elements of our movement. 

Why become a mentor?

By being a mentor you will get the chance to develop and sharpen your own mentoring skills and enhance your existing knowledge and experience in this exciting movement. You will have an opportunity to meet, network and build relationships with activists who are passionate about shifting power relations and dismantling oppressive systems in relation to racial justice. 

We will  support you in this role by providing you with guidance and training as needed. Templates and resources are also provided 

There will also be opportunities to meet the whole group and other mentors to share about the whole experience. We also offer free places on some of our public workshops and trainings. 

Though the role is voluntary, travel allowance will be provided up to £20 for up to 4 in person meetings.  

Who can apply?

We are looking for mentors with experience or knowledge in any of the following areas. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of the skills and experiences needed by the groups and we are interested in knowing more about your skills and experience beyond this list: 

  • Campaigning
  • Coalitions building
  • Conflict resolution/management 
  • Communications/media
  • Community organising
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Groups/Organisations building
  • Social justice movements building
  • Strategy
  • Well-being/collective care

Also if: 

  • you are passionate about helping new and upcoming organisers and campaigners by sharing your experiences, successes, failures and lessons learned;
  • you get on with people
  • you have great listening and communication skills, and have an open mind
  • based anywhere in the UK

Then we would love to hear from you. 

How to apply?

Fill out the application form here ! Kindly send your application by Sunday 21st August 2022. 

Completing the form might take around 20-30 minutes.

If you’d like to find out more about mentoring before applying, get in touch with us at . We will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Find more info about what mentoring means for Tripod here.